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A couple of weeks ago during a dinner with clients, my deep, dark PR secret was revealed: I am an introvert. Most of the group was surprised (I hide it really well!), because an introvert in public relations sounds paradoxical. PR pros have a reputation for being loud and outgoing. Pushy, even. But our founder, Dick Jones, certainly wasn’t and –... Read More
Like so many careers, working in public relations means having (or, more likely, developing over time) a nuanced set of skills to fulfill the goals of the job. But public relations pros in particular have to be a lot of things at once. And most of them, I’ve found, are contradictory.   Here are three of the contradictory traits you need to be... Read More
A job at DJC is a job that that teaches you something new every day. We interact with big ideas and get to participate in the conversations that are shaping our world. And as one of the nation’s leading education public relations firms, our company has a 30-year history of doing just that. Now we’re looking for people who want to be a part of that... Read More
This year, I had the pleasure of attending my second Opening Day of the baseball season as the Pittsburgh Pirates opened the season with a win over the visiting St. Louis Cardinals. Thankfully, this one went much better than the previous opener I saw in 2013 as the Cleveland Indians started the season on a sour note, losing to the New York Yankees... Read More
But Cyber-Security and Terrorism Top List of Worries Nearly seven in ten college and university communications professionals say they are ready for crises situations on their campus but just “how ready” depends on what kind of a crisis it is.  If it’s adverse weather or a power failure, a large majority feel prepared.  If it’s a cyber-security... Read More
I am and have always been a planner, but working in public relations has taken that tendency to another level. I have “to do” lists all over my office, reminders scheduled for meetings and deadlines. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my work in public relations, it is how to be a planning machine.   And there’s a reason for that—planning... Read More
Some of my most vivid memories of childhood are the nights before a new first—first day of school, first day of new camp, first time going to a school dance, first date. Being the new kid on the block. It’s always a teen spirited mix of excitement, dread and uncertainty. And, while we think it’s a Molly Ringwald phase that we grow out of after we... Read More
Dick Jones Communications is excited to announce that Sean Rossall joined the firm as CEO and managing partner earlier this year, operating out of our new Los Angeles office. Sean has nearly 15 years of experience in PR, spending the last four years at one of the oldest and largest public relations and public affairs firms in Los Angeles, where he... Read More
Dick Jones Communications is a firm that has, for almost 30 years, helped colleges and universities tell their stories. But more than that, we’ve helped the people there share their knowledge—from experts on food history or the stock market to paleo-ethnobotanists, from medical innovations to world-class political expertise. We have helped take... Read More
As Super Tuesday primaries approach, we have experts in several voting states who are available to comment:  ALABAMA Natalie Davis, professor of political science at Birmingham-Southern College is available for requests on Super Tuesday.  Contact: 205-903-2525 (cell). MASSACHUSETTS Tim Vercellotti is professor of political science and director of... Read More
WHY YOU’VE ALREADY SEEN MOST SUPER BOWL ADS—Brands hoping to create buzz with Super Bowl advertising must start well before kick-off, says Harlan (Lanny) Spotts, a professor of marketing at Western New England University in Springfield, Mass., who has studied social media engagement with Super Bowl ads. “Consumers who experience advertising before... Read More
President Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address next Tuesday, Jan. 12. If you're covering this address, the experts below are available to provide context and comment:   Todd C. Peppers, Associate Professor in Public Affairs at Roanoke College in Salem, Va., studies the Supreme Court clerks and justices, and he has written on... Read More
When Kristen Nash started using a stand-up desk at her workstation at Saint Leo University, she immediately noticed its benefits. “I felt freer and it felt better standing up,” she said.  Studies have shown that people using stand-up desks, which are becoming more popular in work places across the country, can burn more calories, stay focused and... Read More
As Republicans prepare to gather in Cleveland on Thursday for the first debate of the 2016 election, everyone wonders: how do you debate a guy like Donald Trump? “With 10 candidates, this debate will be a three-ring circus – and I would concede one of those rings to Trump,” says Jacqueline Lambiase, professor and director of the School of... Read More