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Dick Jones Communications History

Dick Jones Communications has served at the pleasure of colleges and universities, K-12 school districts and select corporate clientele that are passionate about furthering ideas. It is our firm's belief that if everyone knew more about the world around us, we'd live in a much better place.

Our Leadership
Sean Rossall
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner
Scott Willyerd
President & Managing Partner
Laura Snyder
Vice President
Morrison & Tyson History

For the past 28 years, Morrison & Tyson Communications has focused on the communications needs of colleges, universities, and other non-profit organizations particularly as they apply to generating meaningful national and regional media coverage. Serving many of the finest academic institutions in the country, MTC has advanced national conversations on issues of higher education cost, quality, access and student success.

Morrison & Tyson Leadership
Bill Tyson
Cofounder and President of Morrison & Tyson Communications
Maggy Ralbovsky
National Media Relations Consultant