Where Do You Podcast?

Our office, collectively, listens to a lot of podcasts, and recently, we found ourselves discussing when and where we listen to podcasts. Answers ranged from in the car, while working out, during household chores, over coffee to catching up on emails. We quickly realized the better question to ask is: When don’t we listen to podcasts?

Admittedly, we are a group of media and info junkies. Yes, it’s related to our livelihoods, but we’re all curious by nature. We want to stay informed, learn something new and be entertained. Our favorite podcasts deliver all three to our ears while allowing us to multitask. I do most of my listening during my commute and while packing school lunches in the evening when the tiny ears of my children are at school or sleeping.

However, my kids have their own podcasts they listen to at breakfast and on the way to daycare. My six year old is infatuated with WOW in the World, NPR’s first children’s program, which really makes this scientist and mom proud. My two year old is mostly interested in dancing to their theme song. It feels somewhat retro to listen to audio programming as a family. My children’s great-grandparents would have gathered around the radio to listen to a program like “Little Orphan Annie”, while my kids gather around my iPhone to learn about astronomy or hear their favorite fairy tales.

We were even able to listen to a few podcasts on a recent family road trip. I’m not implying that podcasts have some magic effect on my children, but fifteen minutes of another voice in the car was a welcome addition to break up the monotony of the license plate game, snacks and DVDs. And some creative storytelling did stop the two year old from yelling random words (e.g. “nuts” and “garbage”) at his sister… for a little while.