Strategic Plannning & Counseling

Successful communications are built on a thoughtful and unique plan and that is at the heart of our work. At Dick Jones Communications, we pride ourselves on being a strategic partner to our clients, working together to develop communications plans and authentic messages, counsel on goals and issues, and deploy the tactics necessary to achieve communications success.

Media Relations

For nearly 30 years, Dick Jones Communications has been one of the country’s leading national media relations agencies. We consistently deliver to our clients the kind of top-tier media coverage that supports and furthers their strategic communications goals. We have deep relationships with reporters at leading publications across the country and have regularly helped clients place and manage stories with The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, 60 Minutes, CBS This Morning, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Huffington Post, La Opinion, ABC News, NBC News, USA Today, NPR, Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed and many others.

Thought Leadership

Because of our commitment to helping clients lead conversations that change our world, we are extremely proud of our history with executive and institutional thought leadership programs. We regularly help clients put together specific communications programs that allow them to be a trusted resource on a particular issue or to move public perception on a given idea or policy.

Litigation Support

Assertive, clear and coordinated communication is critical in addressing the public-facing aspects of litigation. Dick Jones Communications has a deep history of working with legal counsel as an integral part of the litigation team to help clients protect their reputations and effectively communicate with the public during legal proceedings. We have worked on litigation matters across a wide spectrum of industries and helped ensure that clients are able to communicate effectively, while not jeopardizing their positions in court.

Issues and Crisis Management

Successfully managing challenging issues and crisis situations requires an agency that understands clients’ needs and can see all possible outcomes. Bringing this mix of experience to the table is one of Dick Jones Communications core competencies. We have helped to counsel clients through some of the most challenging situations and ensure that they have the communications tools and strategies in place to weather any storm. From helping clients proactively develop crisis plans or run drills to on-the-ground situation management and real-time communications, Dick Jones Communications is sought after for our even keel and thoughtful crisis counsel.

Brand Journalism

With a staff composed of many former journalists working with the media on a daily basis, Dick Jones Communications understands how to help clients tell their stories. Our team works with clients to develop editorial calendars and content that aligns with the other various aspects of their communications plans. Whether it’s a blog, newsletter, magazine or other branded medium, we have the ability to help you develop stories that will reach your intended audience.

Social and Digital Media

A critical element of any successful communications program is a social and digital media program that bolsters and drives engagement, while also remaining aligned with all broader communication efforts. At Dick Jones Communications, we work with clients to develop and implement comprehensive social and digital media programs across a multitude of platforms, ensuring a consistent and authentic voice and providing the creative strategies necessary to result in meaningful engagement.

Stakeholder Engagement

At Dick Jones Communications, we believe that communications is more than just media relations, social media posts or brand journalism—it’s about connecting with your stakeholders in meaningful and authentic ways. For more than 15 years, our senior leadership has helped clients identify community engagement strategies, speakers bureaus and other opportunities that help expand their reach and efficacy of their messages with core audiences.

Media/Presentation Training and Executive Coaching

Engaging with the media and delivering messages in a way that resonates is a learned skill, and at Dick Jones Communications we are proud of our track record of successfully coaching clients to deliver key messages in a compelling and honest way. Our team has helped to train media spokespeople at all levels for Fortune 500 companies, public agencies, universities and colleges and school districts. Beyond media training, we have also taken an active role in coaching senior leaders on engaging with internal and external audiences and managing executive communications in a way that moves their agenda forward.