Stephanie Skordas

As the holiday retail season is officially underway, Haresh Gurnani, Executive Director of Center for Retail Innovation at Wake Forest University School of Business says that many retailers have shifted away from the mindset ‘bricks and mortar vs. online.” “A lot of the conversation happening now is how brick-and-mortar stores are being used as... Read More
A study of 440 workers has found that ethical leadership produces engaged employees who identify more closely with their organization.  It also reduces workplace envy. The research, done on personnel in the Turkish aircraft maintenance industry, was conducted by a team comprised of Turkish and American academics.  It has just been published in the... Read More
Working and managing across cultural lines can be tricky, but Amy Wallis, professor of practice at Wake Forest University School of Business, says workplaces benefit when we learn to appreciate difference rather than try to be blind to it. “I think that sometimes, we are socialized to think that if someone is different, we have to pretend that... Read More
People expect decision-makers to be ethical, responsible, and unbiased—but being unbiased is a lot harder than it sounds, according to Norma Montague, assistant professor of accounting at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. Discussing five types of bias to look out for, Montague offers suggestions for overcoming it and maintaining... Read More
When it comes to leaders seeking feedback, not all feedback is created equal: leaders must work to create an environment that not only invites employees to speak up, but also fosters thoughtful, well-formed ideas—feedback that is actually helpful. John Sumanth, Exxon-Calloway Fellow and assistant professor of Organizational Behavior at the Wake... Read More
Unfortunately, there are still those in business who see having a female CFO as a “token.” But a new research study finds that not only does having a female CFO lead a company to more ethical tax decisions, but having female board members is also beneficial—and necessary—for ethical financial decision making. The study examined the associations... Read More